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Контрразведывательный словарь. (new!)

Moscow, 1972. (only in Russian)
2009-12-13 Save (pdf, 22МB)
In the Morass of Historical Falsifications.

About a propaganda film aiming to overthrow the fact of the occupation in the Baltic states.
Arvydas Anušauskas 2007-10-02 Save (pdf, 28KB)
How for Hitler to Become Chapayev. Along the Traces of One Propaganda Action. Arvydas Anušauskas 2007-12-17 Save (pdf, 98KB)
Как дундуков боролся за советскую власть или фельетон о мечте всех дундуковых.

(only in Russian)
Arvydas Anušauskas 2008-09-08 Save (pdf, 175КB)
Lost in the Schemes of Lie. Ričardas Čekutis 2007-10-02 Save (pdf, 93KB)
The Bolshevist Commemorative Feast.

Russia, having commemorated in words the victims of “political repressions” continues to further on concealing the historical truth.
Ričardas Čekutis 2007-10-02 Save (pdf, 83KB)
The Main Repressive Tasks of the National Security Institutions of the Latvian SSR. Ritvars Jansons,
Indulis Zalite
2007-12-03 Save (pdf, 136KB)
Repressive Action of the Communist Regime and its Consequences in Latvia. Ritvars Jansons 2007-12-03 Save (pdf, 114KB)
Internal affairs and state security institutions of the ESSR between 1940-1941. Valdur Ohmann 2007-12-03 Save (pdf, 446KB)

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