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The MGB from 1944 to 1953

After the return of the Soviet authorities in 1944, the security agencies in Lithuania and Latvia were reestablished. Between 1944 and 1954 the main tasks of the NKGB–MVD (Ministry of Internal Affairs) were to fight against the armed resistance, and working with people from different strata of society (the intelligentsia, the clergy, young people, former political and public figures of independent Lithuania and Latvia), and the struggle against émigré organisations and the activities of foreign secret service agencies in Lithuania and Latvia. The main departments of the restored Soviet security services were the 1st (intelligence), the 2nd (counterintelligence), the 4th (search for state criminals), the 5th (encoding, later operative, from 1950 ideological counterintelligence), the 6th (guarding, disbanded in 1950), Operative, A Department (records and archives), prison, administrative, maintenance, personnel and territorial NKGB branches. In addition, there were transport departments under the direct jurisdiction of Moscow: the SSRS NKGB–MGB Sea and Railway Transport departments. In 1947, the MGB took over the internal and border armies, the branch in charge of fighting partisans, and the militsia. At the end of March 1953, when the NKVD and MGB were joined, the functions of some departments changed, but the sphere of activities remained the same. In 1954, the MGB was disbanded and the State Security Committee (the KGB) was established.

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