KGB Documents

Eduardas Eismuntas

Eduardas Eismuntas
Personal information
Date of birth
1952, 1968, 1977 – special Cheka reconnaissance training
1964 – higher juridical education
Secondary education
Service in security structures
Deputy of the Supreme Council of the LSSR
1987-04-17 – 1990-05-10
Chairman of the KGB of the Lithuanian SSR
1978-08-23 – 1987-04-17
deputy chairman of USSR KGB 2nd division of the 5th main board, chairman of 3rd division
1978-03-10 – 1978-08-23
deputy chairman of Lithuanian SSR KGB 5th division
1974-10-17 – 1978-03-10
deputy chairman of Lithuanian SSR KGB 1st division of 2nd board
1954-04-07 – 1974-10-17
operational representatives of 1st division, 2nd board, 5th division, deputy chairman of subdivisions
1952-04-08 – 1954-04-07
positions in MGB and MVD Kaunas board
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