KGB Documents

Ideological counter-intelligence

The 5th Division of the KGB was established on the 17th of July, 1967 on the basis of the 2nd Division of the 2nd Board. After the reorganisation of the 5th Division in 1979, the 5th KGB Service was established. The main task of this division was to fight the critics of the Soviet regime, anti-Soviet organisations, and other manifestations of anti-Soviet activities.

Institutional development:

  • The 5th Division (1967 – 1979)
  • The 5th Service (1979 – 1989)
  • Z Service (from 1989 11 – 1991)
  • ”OP” Service (1991)


  • surveillance of creative, scientific and pedagogical intelligentsia, students, pupils and unorganised youth as well as the repression of their anti-Soviet activities; stopping and control of any contacts with the West countries;
  • protection of the communist party and the managers of the administrative apparatus;
  • search for the authors and distributors of anonymous anti-Soviet documents and leaflets as well as identification of the authors of any other anti-Soviet acts (wall inscriptions, tearing off of the flag of the Soviet Lithuania, and etc.);
  • checking of any warnings of the intentions to carry out terrorist acts or acquisition of illegal firearms;
  • counter-intelligence work in surveillance of the figures of the independent Lithuania, former political prisoners, exiles, participants of freedom fights, members and figures of diaspora organisations, representatives of the national minorities (Polish people, Jews, Germans);
  • surveillance of the activities of the Catholic clergy and other religious communities.
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